Be flexible

Be Flexible and Roll with the (Inevitable) Punches

The last pillar of affordable family travel is BE FLEXIBLE.  This will save you money. More importantly, it will preserve your sanity and ensure that you have a better trip. Life is messy, and wonderful in its messiness.  Embrace it.  Of course you are going to spend time planning your trip, and by doing so you’re […]

Plan Experiences with Your Family in Mind

The entire point of travel is to experience, so of course you’ll have to budget for experiences.  Plan experiences intentionally to ensure your dollars stretch as far as they can. This is a very personal decision.  What works for my family won’t necessarily work for yours, but I’ll explain how I make these decisions.  I […]

Use public transportation and your feet

Use public transportation (and your feet)

The money you spend to get to your destination isn’t the only transportation cost you’ll need to plan for.  Unless you’ll be sitting on a beach the entire time, you’ll need to plan for local transportation as well.  Fortunately, using public transportation will let you get around for a relatively small price.  We save money […]