One Bag Travel makes family travel simpler, more enjoyable, and more affordable.

One Bag Travel

One bag travel is the way to go.  Trust me.  When our family travels, we each bring one carry on sized bag.  We don’t check bags. Packing light has made our trips easier, less stressful, more enjoyable, and less expensive. 

Traveling with just a carry on bag means never waiting at a baggage carousel, never dealing with lost luggage, and never making a decision because you just can’t drag that suitcase one more step.

One bag travel represents freedom.

Think about it.  What’s the purpose of travel?  I’m guessing that you travel to see the world  and to experience new cultures.  As long as you’re respectfully covered, what you’re wearing has little impact on this.

So, bring less!  Carry less.  Fit everything into one bag that you can carry for miles, and you will enjoy your trip so much more.  Ask anyone who travels this way.  I’ve yet to meet someone who gave one bag travel a try and didn’t realize how much BETTER it was.  

But I have kids, you say?  Great!  They need even smaller bags that you do!  My kids carry their own bags on all of our trips, and they can pack for a two week international trip in less than twenty minutes.  (Shhh…they think it’s the only way to travel.)

Your kids can fit everything they need in one bag, and so can you.  You’ll bounce from the airport to your lodging with nary a care, completely unfazed by subway station staircases, poorly conditioned sidewalks, or tiny Ubers.  Imagine the freedom of carrying your bag for 10 city blocks without breaking a sweat.

Just give it a chance.  You’ll be amazed.

***Just make sure that you are packing lightly into a reasonably sized bag, rather than trying to cram as much as you can into a bag and making it weigh a ton!

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