The Pillars of Affordable Family Travel

If you want to travel affordably, the more tools you have in your toolbox the better.  Here are my 10 pillars of affordable family travel.  Give each one their appropriate attention, and you’re almost guaranteed a great, reasonably priced trip.  We’ll explore each of them in upcoming posts, but let’s do a quick overview now.

There are no once in a lifetime trips. 

Being able to travel more often means that there is less pressure on each trip to be perfect.  When you really internalize this, travel becomes so much more fun.

Choose wisely when deciding when and where to go. 

Choosing the right location and right time of year to travel can make or break your budget.  

Research your destination. 

Planning the trip is half the fun, and in this case, the fun pays off!  Doing your research ahead of time saves money, saves time, and smooths the inevitable bumps that occur on every trip.  

Get there for less.  

Transportation to your destination is often the most expensive part of a trip’s budget.  Get this right and you can cut your trip costs by a huge amount.  We’ll discuss ways to get where you’re going for less.

Plan your lodging wisely. 

Lodging is another potentially very expensive category that can be much more affordable with a little planning.  (These trips just keep getting more and more affordable!)

Eat strategically. 

Your family’s gotta eat.  Eating smart can save you money and give you a more authentic travel experience.  

Use local (and public) transport. 

Getting around while at your destination can be expensive…or not.  We prefer not.  

Know when to pay for experiences. 

The whole point of travel is for the experiences.  Sometimes it’s possible to save money on them—sometimes it isn’t.  Knowing the difference is key.

Travel light. 

One bag travel is simpler, more affordable, and more enjoyable. Trust me.  

Be flexible. 

Every trip will have its moments when things go sideways.  Rolling with them make travel better.

What do you think of the pillars of affordable family travel?   Have I missed anything?  We’ll be addressing each pillar in a dedicated post.  Check them out to learn more and build your travel skillset.

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