Family travel showing there are no once in a lifetime trips

There Are No Once in a Lifetime Trips

Say it with me.  There are no once in a lifetime trips.  Isn’t that fantastic news?  There will be many trips, and they don’t have to be perfect.

When you travel more affordably, you take more trips.

I get it.  If you’re spending $20,000 on a trip, it has to be perfect.  You’ve been saving for years.  The stakes are high.  

But what if you’re spending $2000, or even $5000?  You can save that much money in a year or two, sometimes even less.  Suddenly the trip is less daunting.  You can afford to take another trip next year, or maybe the year after that.  Your future is bright with multiple potential trips.  You don’t have to choose whether to go to Europe or Thailand—you can do both.

Since there will be many trips, each trip doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can stop holding each vacation to an impossibly high standard.  You can relax and enjoy the trip, knowing that the inevitable hiccups will make great stories in the future.

Change your frame of reference and you change everything. You can make some mistakes in planning the trip, since there is another one on the horizon.  No more analysis paralysis.  Plan the trip, and take it.  When it’s over, do a post trip review and think about what you’ve learned.  Use that information to plan your next trip.

Realizing that we could take more trips changed everything for me.  Suddenly trip planning became fun, instead of stressful.  When we plan a trip, I don’t worry about where we aren’t going or about what we’re missing.  I plan that trip, and in the back of my mind I keep making a list of ideas for future trips.

So remember, there are no once in a lifetime trips. Embracing this change in mindset can make all the difference in your travel enjoyment.

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